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“The First Man in Pakistan who rolled Over a Land cruiser from Stomach”


Mr. Shoaib Younus started full contact Karate Kyukoshin Kaikan in 1980 with Honorable Inamullah khan.

He received a black belt in 1984 and participated in various national and international tournaments. Some are as follows:

  • National championship in 1985, 86, 87 and was a runner up in occasions in 88, and winner in 86 and 87.
  • He was selected in commonwealth Karate tournaments in 1988 in Sydney, Australia and reached the quarterfinals.
  • Shoaib Younus was a winner of the All Pakistan Interuniversity Karate Tournament in 1988 and was a runner up in the judo event.
  • Shoaib was a runner up in the all Pakistan Karate Tournament in 1987 and 88.
  • He also participated in the World Open Karate Tournament in Singapore in 1993 and also received a gold medal.
  • He was the winner of New South Wales karate tournament in Sydney in 1990.
  • He attended the world famous Yugawara wara summer camp in Tokyo, Japan in 1993 and was awarded a Dan certificate from Sosai Mas Oyama.

Serving as an active member, he participated in various international events as a coach and an official referee in world championships in Spain, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Moscow, Italy, South Africa, Thailand and the United States.

He has been attending the British open karate tournaments in London since 1996 on a regular basis. Insha’Allah he will be going to take the Pakistan team into a world championship in London in April 2013 also.



IN 1996 He Selected as The only Country Representative of International Federation of Karate from IFK UK up to Date.  

Shoaib Younus is currently running his own gym and fitness center ‘Cuts & Muscles Health Club’ in Karachi from the past ten years

cuts & muscles


He is a Black Belt, fourth Dan, and fifth      Dan from the world’s most renowned teacher of Martial arts’ Hanshi Steve Arniel.

 He has given training in summer camps in London and Switzerland with the World’s most renowned teachers.



  1. Completed international referee and judging course from IFK UK.
  2. Done a certified personal training course from the National Gym Association, U S A.
  3. Running a Martial arts training institute in Australia for 5 years as well as in USA.
  4. He has been a teacher of Martial Arts in Sydney for five years, two years in the United States and a year in London. He has been teaching Martial Arts in Pakistan since the last twenty years till present.


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